Image of a fleet of vehicles that Sounds Alarming Fleet Management would cover, including a lorry, van, motorbike, car and truck

Fleet Management

Could you benefit from our Fleet Management solutions to track your fleet movements?

By installing these leading edge trackers to improve your fleet management it will give you live locations for all vehicles so you can maximise productivity and accountability.  With rising fuel costs, more demands from customers and rising costs a fleet management system can work with you to help you provide better customer service alongside reduced running costs

Scorpion ST70 from £399.00 + £99.00 subscription per year

  • The software is 100% web based, no installation, no downloads and guaranteed reliability
  • Quick install time for the trackers; complete in 1 hour
  • High quality yet affordable (20p/day per vehicle*) system
  • Manage drivers and vehicles with precision
  • Increase productivity, save time and money

Main features:

  • Live map with vehicle position updates in near real-time (at least once a minute)
  • Reports with vehicle position data in real-time (every ten seconds)
  • Highly customisable dashboard with KPI graphs
  • Flexible vehicle groups, assign vehicles to multiple groups
  • Highly customisable, powerful and intuitive reporting and report scheduling
  • View reports online or export to HTML, PDF or Excel for further processing
  • Add a flag to any journey or event in a generated report for later perusal
  • Receive scheduled reports by email
  • Highly customisable, powerful and intuitive alert system
  • Highly customisable, and extensive geofence system, including either circular or polygon (any shape) geofences
  • Receive alerts by email, text message or both – 24/7
  • Alerts displayed in real-time on live map with audio notification
  • Unique driver login allowing drivers to manage their own mileage
  • Unique driver comparison allowing drivers to compare KPI statistics against other drivers promoting driver efficiency and safety
  • Powerful permission controlled user access
  • Comprehensive user activity log
  • No more tutorial fees – simple and easy to understand online context sensitive help

Vodafone Protect & Connect 5 £899 including the first years subscription + £217.00 per year subscription thereafter

Maximum 10 Vehicles

  • Approved by Lamborghini, Bentley, Hummer, Bugatti, Ferrari, Maserati, Porsche, Audi, VW, Seat, Renault, Alfa Romeo, Nissan, Skoda, & Mitsubishi
  • Automatic Driver Recognition (ADR) if the vehicle is moved without the Driver card present the secure Vodafone Automotive Operating Centre will be instantly alerted to a potential theft of the vehicle, even if it is taken with its own keys
  • Remote Ignition Lock, this enables the Police to authorise Vodafone Automotive to send an alert to the vehicle to prevent the engine being restarted once it comes to a standstill. This feature significantly increases the chances of both the vehicle & its contents being recovered undamaged, it can also help to avoid high speed police pursuit of suspect vehicles

Main features:

  • The highest level of insurance accreditation available in the UK
  • Thatcham ‘CAT6’ accredited
  • European coverage (49 countries worldwide)
  • Motion sensing alert – detects unauthorised movement
  • Remote Engine Immobilisation
  • Optional real time vehicle location via a simple password protected web application
  • Automatic system health check
  • Pinpoint GPS tracking (accurate to within 10 metres)
  • International GSM & GPRS coverage
  • Tow-away alert
  • Tamper-alert
  • GSM Jamming alert
  • Battery back-up
  • 2 Year Warranty

Enigma Skynet

  • Web based Fleet Management solution
  • Vehicle & asset location
  • Optimise performance
  • Save time & Money on your fleet

Main Features:

  • Improve fleet performance with up-to-the minute tracking of key vehicle & asset systems
  • Enables you to rapidly respond to situations
  • Reduces fleet related costs
  • Optimise maintenance procedures
  • Fleet reports, performance reports with vital analytics & management data to save both time & valuable resources
  • Theft protection & rec0very. Incase your vehicle is stolen, the company can track the journey of the vehicle or asset & how it has been taken & transported, with this information they can assist in providing a location and therefore a speedy recovery