Focused photo of a navigation screen in a dashboard


Sounds Alarming are considered one of the UK’s leading satellite navigation centres, we have been installing systems now for nearly 10 years and year on year have been at the forefront of new development for example Smartnav by Trafficmaster plc.  This system was the first to use true intelligent traffic information, Sounds Alarming were the 3rd company in the UK to sell this product and have been the biggest independent dealer in the UK for the 3 years running.  This product has sold in excess of 50,000 units and is now a factory option on BMW, Mini, Hyundai, Mazda, Peugeot, Vauxhall and Mercedes.

Lately the biggest shift is to portable navigation namely the TOM TOM.  Again we have spent a lot of time testing and sourcing these units and although we can supply most makes have found the Sony, Alpine and Pioneer to be the easiest to use, best specifications and the best priced.

As well as finding the best we have also the worst and believe me some are worse than useless!! Because we know that unfortunately some of you will inevitably have bought and now hate these (and please don’t ask me to name them), we offer £150 trade in on any portable Satellite navigation system against any Kenwood fixed in car navigation system.

The biggest downside with all portable sat nav systems is accuracy, this is because they rely solely on GPS unlike a fixed car system which uses GPS, Gyrocompass and Vehicle Speed Signal to the tie the car to its exact location.  This isn’t usually a big problem unless you are driving in a built up area like central London or if you are working to a tight time schedule where a strange diversion that costs you 10 minutes will be a big problem.

If you would prefer a fixed navigation there are four main different types:

Fold out In-dash screens from £1250 fitted

These again fit in a normal radio size aperture but when powered up a 6.5 screen folds out from within the radio giving a large display which can be touch screen operated and can incorporate DVD player as well.

Single Radio size Navigation from £699 fitted

These are normal radio size units with a small display on the front for the Sat Nav instructions.

Bracket Mount Screens from £350 fitted

These screens can be quick release dash top mounted or built into the dash as a permanent fixture, these can also be touch screen

In-dash Aftermarket Screens from £1650 fitted

Because a lot of cars are now been produced with what’s call Double Din radios, Toyota Lancruisers, Subaru’s, Volkswagen MK4 Golf, etc, Kenwood and Pioneer have now produced a Double Din screen with built in DVD with Sat Nav, from £1650 fitted.


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