Prestigious vehicle bumper with close up of aftermarket parking sensors provided by Sounds Alarming

Parking Sensors / Aids

Parking sensors and aids are designed to make parking easy and avoid damage to your vehicle and other vehicles when parking.  The systems alert you to unseen dangers; for example children and pets who are unaware of the dangers of a reversing vehicle.  Parking sensor kits can be fitted to 99% of vehicles.

Providing confidence when parking your car, van, motorhome or lorry we have systems to assist you.

The kits can be colour coded to your own vehicle colour and are available for the front of the vehicle as well.

You can choose between having an audible system to one which provides you with a visual aid or a system which combines audible and visual together.

Take the pain out of parking from as little as £160.00

Kit Options include:

  • 4 Eye Parking sensor kit, sensors in Black only, with audible warning tone £160.00 fitted including VAT
  • 4 Eye Parking sensor kit, with colour coded sensors, with audible warning tone £199.00 fitted including VAT
  • 4 Eye Parking sensor kit, with colour coded sensors, rear display and audible warning tone £240.00 fitted including VAT
  • 8 Eye Parking sensor Font and Rear kit, colour coded, with front and rear displays and audible warnings £450.00 fitted including VAT
  • Camera Aid Kits from £200.00 fitted including VAT!

If you have a vehicle which has had a parking sensors kit in the past but are no longer working, we may also be able to assist you.

Stand alone front systems can be added as an after product even if your vehicle has come supplied with a rear system.


Top tip: Sometimes your vehicle may false alarm.  This could be due to the simple reason that the ‘eyes’ to the sensors are dirty.  Particularly during the winter we come across this problem when grit and salt increase road grime.  If this occurs try wiping the sensors with a clean dry cloth.

If the problem continues please get in contact so we can see if we can help Contact Us


The addition of a parking sensor or aid systems has shown to be a factor for reduced car insurance premiums so this addition could literally pay for itself