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Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle Tracking is becoming more and more a requirement for vehicle owners, especially by request of insurance companies.

Sounds Alarming provide a range of products in this field, below are a selection of our current recommendations, as independent distributors we have the market open to us so we have taken time to try and test what’s available.

SmarTrack – S7 – Stolen Vehicle Tracking

The product has been designed and manufactured in the UK, it has been designed for Cars, Vans, HGV, Classic and high value vehicles.  The system has internal aerials for enhanced security and a IP56 ABS casing for extra protection.  Covertly fitted this system will give you great security which not only will allow your vehicle to be tracked in the UK in the event it is stolen but also in over 100 other countries.  You will be able to see your vehicle via your computer or mobile device without the need to purchase any additional software as standard, online viewable account options can also be requested.  Monitoring 24 hours a day with Stolen Vehicle Recovery in the UK.  The system will also alert you in the event your vehicle is towed away, the team will call you if they receive an alert.

Suitable for both 12 and 24 volt vehicles, 3 year warranty with an option to extend to 12.

Trident S7 SmarTrack (Fully installed) £349.00

(Subscription charges of £149 per year inc VAT are payable directly to SmarTrack – pay monthly option available)

S5 systems – Vehicle Tracking with an ADR card but no immobilisation cut

The entry level for vehicle tracking is the Thatcham accredited S5 (this replaces the Category 5).  This system includes an ADR card (Automatic Driver Card), this means that if the vehicle has been scanned via a device to be stolen without the keys, it will alert the tracking company that the vehicle is moving without the ADR card being within it.  The system will then send a signal to the monitoring centre, who will in turn contact you to see if you are aware the vehicle is moving, and if, in the event the car should not be moving, the monitoring centre will begin to track the vehicle and alert the necessary authorities.

The systems we supply offer 24/7 theft monitoring, are fully supported by the Police, use GNSS (GPS, GLONASS & Galileo) satellite technology to provide accuracy especially in built up areas, they offer European Coverage, multiple theft alert triggers and are all insurance approved.

Vodafone system £599 (installed – including the first years monitoring subscription)

Scorpion system £599 (installed – monitoring is additional)


S5+ systems – Vehicle Tracking with an ADR card and Immobilisation cut

This system includes all of the features above but with an additional feature of Immobilisation.  In the event the vehicle has been stolen this feature will allow Police to authorise the tracking system provider to send an alert to the engine of the vehicle to prevent it restarting when the vehicle comes to a standstill.  This feature significantly increases the chances of the vehicle being recovered without damage and reduces the need for high speed Police pursuit of stolen vehicles.


Vodafone system from £799 (installed – including the first years monitoring subscription)

Scorpion system from £599 (installed – monitoring is additional)

For additional information on these security accreditation and the testings involved for the UK market please click the link to visit the Thatcham website

Subscription charges:

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