Close up of a dash front facing camera positioned next to the rear view mirror

Combat Cash for Crash

25th June 2018

Anyone been a victim of a Crash for Cash crime?

This is currently a very profitable crime in the UK, an estimated cost £400m per year.  Organised gangs stage crashed to make fraudulent insurance claims costing us all thousands.

Its not a victimless crime as UK policyholders have to cover this money through increased insurance premiums. Sadly this is one of those that ‘happens to someone else’ crimes, good friends of mine were victims recently and it wound up extremely costly.

The basic scam runs as follows.  The car you are following safely will suddenly slam on the brakes to cause a collision which escalates into an exaggerated claim.  They claim for cost of recovery, car hire, repair and of course whiplash to all of the passengers who just happen to be in the car with them at the time…none of which of course has happened! The costs run into thousands.

To combat this problems the industry has created a system called a Dashcam.

Professionally installed this clever device can reduce your insurance with many companies offering up to 20% off to policy holders. Footage recorded features information from GPS tracking and G-Force sensors in order to correctly report the exact circumstances of an incident.  This information is now accepted by the Police and the UK court system in a bid to crack down on this crime.

Please don’t be a victim, speak to the team for a system to suit both your insurance and budget.