Line of cars covered in snow where someone has cleared snow to create faces

Top Winter Tips – Keep safe & Be prepared

24th January 2019

With the UK currently on the threat of a cold blast we thought we would share some tips to keep you all safe on the roads


This might sound like an obvious one but most of us are guilty of thinking we have more than we do & pushing our vehicles that little bit more, as engines work harder under difficult weather conditions your fuel goes down quicker so don’t let yourself get caught


Again most of us are guilty of ignoring this one, if your vehicle is regularly serviced you probably don’t check this yourself at all, but it takes two seconds & could really save you money reducing the wear & tear on your engine


Check your tread 1.6mm is the minimum requirement to be road legal with many experts suggesting that 3mm should be the level during winter driving conditions to improve traction & grip…if you can invest in some winter tyres from personal experience these are fantastic & worth the money especially if your vehicle is you mode of transport for work!


When did you last replace yours? Check the rubber is good to maintain the best vision you can.  Before starting your car & switching the wipers on lift them off of the screen, they have a tendency to stick, switching them on when they are stuck will do damage to their motor or cause the fuse to blow.  If yours currently do not work feel free to get in contact with one of our engineers to have them checked & repaired.  Also check the windscreen wiper fluid is topped up & contains an additive to prevent it freezing


Make sure the engine is COLD when you check this one, ensure this is topped up to with an added additive to avoid the engine freezing or overheating in the event of a traffic jam


Lights – See & be seen!  Dirt & road grime builds up on these so make sure yours are clean, replace any bulbs which are not working

Battery – Ensure the terminals on the battery are tight to get best response, have a health check done to discover any drains you may have which reduces the performance of your battery.  Batteries work very hard in the cold conditions powering lights & heaters so its important to make sure you are getting the best from yours for your vehicle

If you have any Electrical issues with your vehicle we offer a fault finding service to identify & rectify so please ask a member of staff

General Advice!

Stock up, make sure you have a snack in your vehicle & a bottle of water incase you do get stranded, warm clothes, torch, sensible shoes if you have to abandon vehicle to walk, sleeping bag (incase worst should happen & you have to spend the night in the car) Shovel & a fully charged mobile phone

Check forecasts before travelling & allow plenty of time for your journey.

Stopping distances increase by up to 10 times during icy conditions so take your time & keep your distance

If it snows clear the snow from your vehicle before you set off too, or the first time you break you could end up with a windscreen covered in snow blocking your view

Keep safe & don’t forget to pick up a FREE Sounds Alarming Ice Scraper on your next visit