Close up a new BMW remote key

Stop them in their tracks

17th July 2018

Vehicle theft is on the increase again sadly.  New keyless technology has opened up a new strand of car theft such as key cloning.

Manufacturers for sometime ignored this as a problem.  Many forums offered ‘helpful’ suggestions on how to combat key cloning and the subsequent theft from putting your key in a tin to putting it in a fridge. Please don’t try that at home folks moisture in a key does not do it any good!

A solution is now on the market available to the aftermarket experts which combats the problem.  As demonstrated in our video we can add a new type of immobiliser which requires a unique sequence, chosen by you, to be performed before the vehicle can start and be driven away.

This therefore renders the cloning of a key useless as even if a thief managed to successfully gain access to your car they will be unable to actually drive it away unless they know your sequence.

This product is offered for fitting to any vehicle by a professional approved installer, please speak to the team with your vehicle details for pricing and assistance.