Close up of the side view of a van door showing a well installed locks$vans lock with key

Save Your Livelyhood

15th November 2018


Since 2015 tool theft has seen a 27% increase according to insurance statistics, which of course does not include the theft of tools which go unreported.

It is the number one issue effecting hardworking trades of all descriptions across the country, as well as physical loss of tools, there is loss of earnings, costs of repair to vehicle, not to mention how the negativity of the event leaves you feeling.

Police statistics show these areas to be in the top 10 across the UK for highest thefts reported:

  1. London
  2. Sheffield
  3. Birmingham
  4. Leicester
  5. Chelmsford
  6. Tunbridge Wells
  7. Bristol
  8. Nottingham
  9. Northampton
  10. Reading

Thieves do not only operate at night, as they previously did, these days they remove tools in broad daylight because passers-by expect to see tools being removed from vans so would not think to report it as a crime in progress.

Sign written vehicles as huge targets, people know if your vehicle advertises gardening, plumbing, electrical services etc that it is more than likely going to be filled with expensive tools to allow you to carry out your work.

The previous advise from Police to add a sticker to your vehicle suggesting no tools are kept in the vehicle overnight just adds to the advert ‘its fully loaded’ during the day!

Our suggestions as your vehicle must haves to combat the threat:

Deadlocks £114 per door fully fitted

Alarm £300 fully fitted

Camera with CCTV function £200 fully fitted

Prevention is always the best way forward so please speak to the team with your concerns & best options for you. We offer a fully mobile service as well as your option to come to our branch in Welling.  To take a look at some specifications of different types of locks please click the link